Best In Purbeck Awards

Best In Purbeck Awards 2016

We celebrate the best in Purbeck, rewarding local businesses, writers and producers who excel in their field. Throughout 2016 we have asked locals and visitors alike to vote for the Best In Purbeck.

Last years Best In Purbeck Awards were a great success, with over 50 nominations and thousands of votes cast, the 2015 winners were:

The Best In Purbeck Awards was created to reward fabulous producers, writers and attractions on The Isle of Purbeck in Dorset. This year we have added a new category to recognize the work of locals to promote the area and local community.

You can vote for your favorite on our facebook page. Join hundreds of voters who have voted in one of five categories : Best Blogger, Best Food/Drink, Best Attraction, Best Event and Best Place to Eat.

best in purbeck awards 2016

Best Event in Purbeck


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