Cytringham Cottage Access Statement

Cytringham Cottage Access Statement


Our self catering cottage is a mid terrace property built in 2004, with access to the front and rear of the property.  We have tried to provide as much information as possible in this statement, if you have any queries, please ask before starting your holiday.

Bookings and enquiries can be made via email, fax and phone to Dorset Cottage Holidays. However, for emergencies such as lost keys, leaking toilets, etc, please contact Chris on 07747 03280.

Pre-Arrival and Car Parking:
Parking your vehicle:

To access the car parking space at the rear of the property, you have to take a specific route, this will become more obvious as you arrive at the property.

Directions to Cytringham from the Portland Heights Hotel:

  1. When you get to the top of the hill at the Yeates Roundabout, you will see Portland Heights Hotel in front of you.
  1. At the roundabout, take the third exit into Wide Street.
  1. At the end of the road, you will come to a mini roundabout, with St Georges Church to your right. Turn right into Weston Road.
  1. Follow this road until you come to a mini roundabout at the beginning of Avalanche Road and Reap Lane. Turn right into Reap Lane.
  1. Drive down Reap Lane (taking care for traffic calming and speed bumps), follow road past the turning for Rip Croft (on left), then take the next left turn into Sandholes Close.
  1. After approximately 200 metres, there is a cutting between two houses on the left. Drive through cutting until you see the green fence and car parking for No 43 (one space only).
  1. Park here, open garden gate. To your left is the summerhouse. Open the doors (these are not locked) and go in. Next to the radiator there is a teak post box on the floor. Inside this post box is the key box (the code for this will be given to you with your booking). There are two sets of keys in this box. You can use either set to access the back of the house through the patio door or the front door.
  1. To access front of house, walk away from car to the cutting opposite from where you drove in; turn right and entrance to house is 4 houses down on the left. House is named Cytringham’ and is numbered number 43.

Helpful Information:
The nearest bus stop is approximately 100 metres down the road on the left-hand side. This is the bus service which stops in Easton Square and Victoria Square, before heading to Weymouth. This is the route for all buses, times vary depending on time of year. Information for all aspects of public transport within Dorset is available from

The nearest train station is Weymouth, information can be found at

There is a reliable taxi service from Nicky’s Taxis on 01305 821000, there is no taxi rank nearby

There is a Co-operative and Tesco supermarket in Easton village, a local Co-operative store in Weston Road.

There is a selection of information brochures situated under the stairs of the front entrance for all leisure facilities.

The nearest GP surgery is in Park Estate Road, Easton

(01305 824022).

The nearest dental surgery is in Easton (01305 820534),

The nearest A&E is in Dorchester, there is a Minor Injuries Unit at the Portland Hospital in Castletown (look for signs as you drive onto the island), information on the unit can be found at: ttps://

We do not offer the facility to provide wheelchairs and other aides and equipment.

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities

  • Luggage can be unloaded at the back of the cottage and taken through the garden to the rear patio doors OR taken to the front of the cottage, as per above instructions.
  • There is street parking at the front (no dropped kerb).
  • There is parking for 1 car at the rear (accessed as above).
  • The entrance at the front has no steps, but a UPVC threshold – 3 cm high. It has no hand-rail, the entrance door is hinged on the right). The door is 82cm wide.
  • The entrance at the rear has ONE step – 12cm high. The entrance is double patio doors which open to allow a wider access. The doors open outwards.
  • Parking is 10 metres away from rear entrance, through the garden.
  • Access to the rear entrance is via the garden, the surface is paving slabs, which provide a level surface.

Main Entrance & Reception

  • The front entrance at the front has NO steps, but a UPVC threshold – 3 cm high. It has no hand-rail, the entrance door is hinged on the right. The door is 82cm wide.
  • Inside the front entrance is a corridor 85cm wide with lounge / dining room, kitchen, and WC under the stairs. The radiator is situated behind the front entrance door and does not restrict access.
  • The entrance at the rear has ONE step – 12cm high. The entrance is double patio doors which open to allow a wider access. The doors open outwards.
  • Inside the rear door is the lounge/dining area.

Lounge and Dining Area

  • The room is rectangular, with two exits, one to the garden through the double patio doors (doors open out into the garden) and a single internal door through to the downstairs corridor (door opens inwards to the room).
  • Dining table – is circular (100cm), has four legs, 80cm high. It is moveable to suit personal space.
  • Dining Chairs (all moveable) – 4 wooden framed chairs with padded seat which have no arms.
  • Leather sofa – is against wall, facing window to garden; this is not easily moveable. There is a mix of feather and non-non feather cushions provided.
  • There is a large oak cabinet under the window to the garden. This houses the TV and Blu-ray player facilities. It is approximately 70 cm high and has glass cupboard doors at either end of the unit. It is not easily moveable.
  • There is a radiator on the wall opposite the patio doors from the garden. It can be regulated from the Hive control panel, which is kept in the kitchen (see Kitchen)
  • There is an electric lounge fire, situated on the wall, opposite the dining table and next to the sofa. It is an electric fan operated heater, with a flame through pebble effect. It can be operated by the switches on the unit, which are situated under the black grill. Please be aware the grill may become hot, there are instructions on the fire on how to use this safely.
  • Tub Chair – cloth fabric, situated next to patio doors, is easily moveable to suit.
  • TV is provided with remote control (also available is a Blu-ray player, which will also play DVD’s and CD’s).
  • Flooring is short pile carpet throughout, with a rug underfoot at sofa.


  • There is no separate laundry but there is a standard size washing machine, which is front loading, provided in the kitchen. There is a wall mounted clothes line dryer in the rear garden. There is no electrical clothes dryer.

Leisure Facilities

  • Not Available

Outdoor Facilities

  • Nearby children’s play area, turn left from front entrance, approximately 300 metres on left, visible from Reap Lane. For playing fields, turn right from front entrance, approximately 300 metres on right. Numerous walks around island, fishing, diving, etc, see brochures under stairs.

Conference & Meeting Rooms, Banqueting, Clubs, Entertainment

  • Not Available

Room combinations:  First Floor – 1 double, 1 twin.


  • Non-feather duvets and pillows provided in each room.
  • Sheets, duvet-covers and pillow cases are cotton or poly-cotton.
  • All rooms are short pile carpeting.

Twin Room:

  • To the front of the house, 2 double windows, open outwards, fitted with blackout blinds.
  • Door width 78cm, door opens into room.
  • Twin beds provided – both 90cm wide, with length of 200cm; both are wooden framed, with a fitted headboard and footboard.
  • Largest transfer space available to left of one bed is 1.2metres.
  • Largest transfer space available to right of one bed is 1.2 metres.

 Double Room:

  • To the rear of the house, 1 double window, open outwards, with fitted blackout blinds.
  • Door width 78cm, door opens into room, hinges on the right, door opens to wall.
  • Double bed provided – 135cm wide, is low to the floor and is not moveable.
  • Largest transfer space available to left of bed is 0.5metres
  • Largest transfer space available to right of bed is 1.5 metres.

 First Floor:

  • Reached via staircase of 14 steps with a curve in stairs for first 4 steps.
  • Steps are 18cm high, 25 cm deep and 100cm wide.
  • Handrails are on one side of the stairs.
  • Short pile carpet from stairs and throughout first floor (not bathroom).
  • Main landing is shaped as an ‘L’ and is approximately 1.2 metres square.
  • All doors to the bedroom and bathroom are 78cm wide.
  • All rooms have a shared bathroom and WC across the landing from the rooms.

Bathroom & WC [Shared]
Downstairs toilet:

  • Under stairs toilet is provided with basin but there is limited space available inside (door opens into corridor).
  • Door width 64cm wide.
  • Toilet seat height 46cm
  • Space to either side of toilet is negligible.
  • There are no support rails available.

First Floor Bathroom and Toilet:
Door width 78cm wide, opens into room, hinges on left, opens to wall. Shared with all upstairs rooms.

  • Bath with mixer taps and flexible shower over.
  • Bath height is 46 cm. No integral bath rails available.
  • Toilet seat height 46cm.
  • Space to either side of toilet is negligible.
  • Wash hand basin with hot and cold taps under window, height is 1.2 metres.
  • Non-slip vinyl flooring.
  • Good colour contrast between floor, walls and furniture.
  • Release mechanism on outside of locked door.

Self-Catering Kitchen:
Kitchen entrance from Downstairs corridor, door opens inwards, hinges on right

  • Worktop height 93cm.
  • Oven door is drop down, height of lowest shelf 1.12 metres, can be accessed from the front.
  • Sink is 88cm high with 65cm clear height under space (54cm wide).
  • Hob is 93cm high.
  • Flooring is vinyl.
  • Evenly lit kitchen, no spotlights above work surfaces, good natural light from double window.
  • Good contrast between floor, cupboards and other surfaces.
  • Larder fridge and freezer available, highest shelf in fridge 200 cm and lowest drawer in freezer 15cm.
  • CO2 fire extinguisher and fire blanket available.

Grounds and Gardens
Small fenced garden (grass, gravel and paving slab), with a corner summerhouse. Fence at least 2 metres height all round, with similar height gate (gate has an internal bolt above 1.5 metres for security). Summerhouse has lighting and a wall mounted radiator. Access to the summerhouse from the main garden path, across both paving slabs and gravel, or across the lawn and gravel.

Additional Information
Information folder is produced in size 16 font (can be increased on request).

  • Light switches and power points at a sensible height to reach from sitting and standing position.
  • Variable mobile phone reception (O2 YES, Vodafone NO)
  • No assistance aids are supplied for guests who suffer from dexterity problems e.g. arthritis. We provide large cutlery, children’s cutlery, plug attachments (to aid use of plugs), no key attachment to aid with operating locked doors, easy use utensils in kitchen e.g. can opener, scissors.

Contact Information
• Website:
• Local Tourist Information Centre: 01305 785747 (Weymouth)